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Healing from a Sea of Sorrow
Before I started working with Andrea, I was overwhelmed by an immense sense of grief and loss after the passing of my beloved mother. The pain seemed insurmountable, and I was lost in a sea of sorrow.

Throughout our sessions together, Andrea provided a safe space for me. She helped me explore the depths of my sorrow, and helped me heal some wounds from my life and grief leading up to my mother's death.

Andrea's compassionate support allowed me to confront my pain head-on, granting me permission to feel anger and frustration that had long been suppressed.

Andrea's unwavering support and genuine care were instrumental in my healing process. She skillfully delved into the roots of my symptoms, helping me identify and address the underlying causes of my anxiety and depression which was fueling my grief. The grief for my mother will always be there but with Andrea's help it is much more manageable.

Andrea is a great therapist, especially for my grief with her transformative approach and ability to facilitate profound change can lead to a remarkable shift in your life. With Andrea's guidance, you too can embark on a path of healing and discover the strength to overcome life's most challenging obstacles.

Lauren DeGolia
Recovering from Anxiety and Abuse
Before working with Andrea I was very nervous about going through a divorce with my emotionally abusive husband. I came to see Andrea to release previous traumas.  I felt very anxious most of the time.

During our work together we were able to release traumas from emotional abuse during marriage and trauma from childhood which explained a lot of choices I was making as an adult.  I was able to feel angry and fully release anger for the first time in my life.  Andrea strongly recommended that I would benefit from the Self-Awareness Weekend and I decided to enroll.

After the weekend and working with Andrea, my constant anxiety is gone, I feel much calm everyday.  I know now that I will be able to get through the divorce process. Andrea is very supportive and caring.  She is very good at finding out the root of your symptoms (anxiety, depression, etc) and once you deal and remove the root of the issue the symptoms are gone!

If you tried many different modalities and nothing truly helped, please consider Andrea and see how your life can be changed.

Toni A.
Roseville, CA
From Suffering to Authenticity
Before working with Andrea, I was very unhappy and unsure of how to change it. I was stuck in fear and very frustrated.

Her technology helped me tremendously and I was amazed at how quickly I felt a difference.

As a result of working with Andrea, I feel more alive and like myself more than I have for several years.

I feel like I am headed in a good direction in my healing.

E. Idler
Breaking the Codependency Cycle
I came to Andrea for help navigating my co-dependency related to my adult son who is autistic and lives with me. I was having trouble releasing control and letting him chart his own course. I fear that he will fail and that I am somehow responsible for his outcomes.

During our work together, we used EMDR and also explored the Enneagram; I gained useful insights and tools. As a result of our work together, I feel more comfortable saying no and drawing healthy boundaries. I have a great deal of hope that this will help me be supportive but not controlling as my son gains independence, and hopefully moves out on his own some day.

I was pleasantly surprised to learnt hat working with Andrea did not require several sessions of "talk therapy" or require me to dwell on the past. We got right to work on my personal goals for our sessions.

I would describe Andrea as unconventional and also FABULOUS! I highly recommend her for results oriented folks who have an idea of what their problem is and don't want to spend hours and multiple sessions re-living the past.

Jessica Chalk
Sacramento, CA
Freedom from Trauma
Before I started working with Andrea I was suffering from severe childhood trauma and abuse. I was at a point in my life where it was all bursting out and I needed help from someone who is skilled in different areas of trauma. I had kept all of it bottled up my entire life and I was unsuccessful in finding someone who could help me. Other counselors I had talked to had told me that I had too much to deal with and they could not help. I was in a position where I had no clue what to do except turn back to my addiction to shut it all out. It was 30 years of trauma and abuse that were weighing me down and destroying not just my life but my children’s as well.

When I found Andrea and did our consultation, I immediately knew she would be the one to help. She is not just skilled in her work, she truly cares about her patients. I was given an insight into how my trauma played a part in my adult years and relationships. I was given tools to be able to face my past and work through it in a healthy and safe environment. I was also given information to be able to help guide me into breaking the patterns that I had developed.

After all of the work that I have done with Andrea I have been able to move on from my trauma. I was able to work through the hardest parts of my life with her guidance and come out on the other side without carrying my past with me. I feel that the best thing that I got from working with Andrea is a deeper understanding of who I am and how my past was affecting my life today.

The fact that Andrea is able to understand on another level that most counselors cannot is what made me completely trust her in the process. I was open and willing to accept her suggestions and she did not disappoint meat all. She showed me that she wanted to help me and she not only helped me, she saved me. She got me through everything I was dealing with and was even able to set me free from the biggest trauma of all that I never thought would go away.

I highly recommend Andrea to anyone I know that is looking for help. I tell them that she is not only skilled in her work, that she is also committed to helping you succeed. I know that her methods and her experience are exactly what I needed and she has literally saved my life. She has given me my life back and she has shown me who I am without the trauma.

Ann-Marie Sager
Citrus Heights, California
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